Find likeminded investors that won’t force you to compromise your values

Early stage capital has significant influence on the direction of companies. Through our Network, we provide founders with increased access to capital that is aligned with their values so you no longer have to worry about your faith-based values being compromised due to investor influence.




Our screening process is conducted by our Venture Capital Analyst Team (VCAT) interns in partnership with our Angel Investors.

  • We’ll review initial application and begin screening process.
  • If the company meets our criteria, we will reach out and set up a brief call to learn more about your company.
  • After the screening call If we feel the company could be a good fit for our investors, we will have a follow up one-hour deep dive call.
  • Analysts and Angel Mentors will select the top companies for recommendation to invite to a pitch event and take their recommendations to all of the Angel Network Members and Fund Investment Committee.
  • Angel investors vote on which subset of the recommendations they would like to see come and pitch live.
  • The top 2-4 companies will be invited to pitch to our Network and Fund investors.
  • After the pitch event, Angels will begin their individual due diligence on the company.
  • Our Venture Capital Analyst Team and Lead Angels will facilitate this due diligence.
  • Total time from the day you pitch to funding is typically 30 days.
  • Following your successful  raise through our Network and Fund, companies will be invoiced a tax-deductible administration fee for Beyond’s 501(c)3 for operating expenses. For companies that raise $100K or more, the administration fee will be 1.5% of the capital raised. When Beyond leads a company’s funding round, Beyond will charge an additional fee of $10,000 to cover due diligence and attorney fees associated with being the leader of the round.