Experience kingdom impact, a diversified portfolio, & strong market returns

An emerging 10 year sidecar fund capped at $5M with the objective to invest in early-stage companies led by a Christian founder that have scalable growth, a clear exit strategy, and are post-revenue.

Sources of capital have great influence on the mission of early stage companies. The Yellow Jacket Fund I is the first in a series of Funds, designed to provide access to faith- aligned capital with the faith-driven mission of Christian founders. The Fund is the first of its kind for the rapidly growing faith-driven start-up marketplace.

The investment thesis of the Fund is to achieve market alpha along with Kingdom impact.


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Many of the parties associated with, and instrumental in forming, the Fund are members of Beyond.  As members of Beyond, they have become aware of the need for an investment fund made up of angel investors for early stage startup companies. They believe that such a fund would facilitate angel investment opportunities since it would facilitate a larger group of accredited investors that could invest in these companies. Though these Beyond members actively participate in Beyond, they recognize that the limitations placed on an educational organization such as Beyond require that the organization must remain exclusively devoted to its non-profit educational purposes and must not engage in activities which inure to the private benefit of third parties. Because such an angel fund would obviously be created for the private benefit of the individual investors, these Beyond members have formed the Fund.

The Fund is totally separate and legally independent from Beyond, and Beyond has no oversight of the Fund. Hence, Beyond does not in any way recommend that any party become an investor in the Fund. The formation, operation, and investments of the Fund are completely separate from Beyond.

Because of the separate nature of the Fund, Beyond is not liable in any respect to any Investor in the Fund or to any Portfolio Company.